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Tuan Palmer

Founding Partner

Vetting Promising Startups

Tuan has over twenty years of experience during which he built his competencies in five critical pillars of the financial sector: stock broker (Solomon Smith Barney, retail finance); investment banking (Montgomery Securities; underwriter, research analyst); venture capital (Newbury Ventures, private sector research analyst); hedge fund (Stryker Capital Management, general partner and money manager, public markets); partner, (New York Life, tax planning and financial portfolio strategist).

Given his extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of the financial sector, Tuan founded ATZ on the idea that the investor experience should be individualized.  The opportunities presented to investors should consider factors such as risk tolerance, sector preferences and desired time for investment exits rather than relying on portfolio managers choices encompassing all investors in a fund.  Tuan brings extensive investment expertise to the ATZ team with his keen sense for vetting prospective business opportunities.


John Sifonis

Founding Partner

Business & Technology Management

John has over forty years of business and technology management consulting experience with Global 500 corporations in Europe, South America, Japan and Africa.  He is recognized by clients for his expertise in formulating and delivering technology enabled innovative business solutions for competitive advantage.  He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms and emerging technology ventures.  His experience also includes over fifteen years as a board member and trusted advisor of high tech and enterprise companies.  He can gain a deep understanding of theoretical concepts and turn them into pragmatic business applications.

He is an experienced public speaker and bestselling author (Wall Street Journal Bestseller book) and was recognized by Fast Company magazine for best innovative business model in air transportation.

John Sifonis leads the way for the global business community. His status as a legendary economic and technology expert is unquestioned. He has a nose for innovation and a finger on the pulse of what constitutes a winning formula for success.

Tony Compton

I could not thank you enough for your time and invaluable mentoring and coaching. Through your wonderful sense of humor and wits you have made this internship an extraordinary experience. I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity.

Konrad Krolls


John and I have been long time colleagues dating back to when we were both partners with Arthur Young & Company. We have undertaken many joint projects over the years including taking a startup energy company into the public marketplace.

CEO, Teamwork Dynamics, Inc.

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