247 iphone 3gs proprietors nationwide happened to be surveyed (i am aware perhaps not a very big test share) by Retervo to generate a snapshot profile of the user. Here you will find the highlights of whatever they revealed:

Matter: why is individuals more attractive, a degree or cool devices?

  • According to the survey 75 percent of iPhone owners would like to date some body with cool devices.

Question: Have you ever texted or emailed anyone to break-up together?

  • 33 per cent of iPhone users do this.

matter: Would it be a turnoff if your spouse had earlier, out-of-date devices?

  • Again 33 % of iphone 3gs proprietors concur that it could be a turn off.

matter: Can you make use of telephone to view mature product?

This certainly isn’t really a life threatening study and much more of an advertising gimmick by Retrevo. It paints iphone 3gs customers as extremely shallow individuals who merely imagine on their own, that I understand many of them are not. ????

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