The avast security browser review is among the best options you’ll find for protecting your privacy online. It’s a fantastic Chromium-based internet browser that comes with lots of security tools built-in, including ad blocking and malware, antiphishing and more. It’s also an excellent performer in terms of speed and stability.

While it was once part of Avast’s popular antivirus software but it’s now a standalone browser which you can use to get the most value out of your internet experience. It’s built on Chromium which is the same open source engine used by Chrome and Vivaldi. You can also import bookmarks and settings easily from other browsers.

Avast claims their browser is four times more quickly than other privacy-focused browsers. The company’s claims are backed by evidence in benchmark tests. I’ve tried it myself and found that it runs much faster than the standard web browser, even if all of its privacy features are enabled.

Avast’s Web browser has many features that you won’t see anywhere else. The adblocker, for instance blocks websites from bombarding you with ads, which can slow down your browsing speed. It also blocks all the tracking that happens on your computer, and even prevents browser fingerprinting so you aren’t tracked across different websites. In fact, it’s that good at protecting your privacy that it’s been called the best in its class by experts like AV-Comparatives.

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