If that pretty stranger at your friend’s housewarming party informs you he is a neurologist, never create him down as “as well smart” or “too hectic” for love. (actually, can there be such a thing as “as well smart”? Brains are stunning.) Supply the man an opportunity.

Listed below are 15 reasons why you should date a neurologist:

1. Neurologists are “brainy.” Smart is actually sensuous. So can be puns.

2. Unlike that time you dated a stand-up comedian, the day’s profession will impress both friends and family along with your parents.

3. Fed up with internet dating deadbeats exactly who are unable to shell out their method? Neurologists make good live, and most have actually job security.

4. Neurologists do what they love. It takes most education — usually a four-year undergrad, four-year healthcare degree, and three-year residence — being a neurologist. Therefore not just is your day super-smart and determined, he/she is most likely working in industry purposely.

5. Neurologists are committed. See no. 4.

6. As the work can be demanding, changes are generally more sensible than other medical professionals’.

7. Even when hours get crazy, remember that your date could have as much as six weeks of holiday time.

8. Think the stats: Relating to a MedScape life Report, neurologists will be the the very least most likely of most physicians to get separated.

9. Neurologists are performing essential, difficult and enjoyable work. They’re proud of their work.

10. The go out can handle life’s tough things. Neurologists are usually working with difficult circumstances and breaking sad development on their customers.

11. Neurologists spend their unique days trying to assist people, hopefully alleviating pain and treating neurologic conditions.

12. Desire some one with outstanding “bedside manner”? Your date is probable capable connect difficult circumstances plainly and tragic circumstances compassionately.

13. Neurologists are interested, constantly involved with investigation. They would like to understand how circumstances work.

14. Need to find out how the human brain works? Merely ask. Connected: your go out will likely be empathetic any time you terminate considering a migraine.

15. Neurologists are superb problem-solvers. Unanswered concerns are a challenge, not a stumbling block.