Our Mission

Angels 3.0 (ATZ) fills a need for a different type of angels firm—one that is personal, providing individual attention and thoughtfulness to the partnerships it builds with both entrepreneurs and investors. Through an individualized approach to investing and company/investor matching, ATZ cultivates deep, long-lasting relationships. Trust is built through integrity and with it greater ROI for all involved.

What We Do

For Entrepreneurs: ATZ provides expertise, guidance and on-going support – training inexperienced and budding entrepreneurs to truly become impactful leaders.  Through advice, counsel, mentoring and frequent assessments, ATZ sets realistic and pragmatic expectations of the road ahead.

For Investors: ATZ customizes client investments based upon an investors interests and investment criteria.  ATZ is not a fund – we have a constantly expanding portfolio of companies we pair you with that share your passion, vision and goals.

Raising Capital

Business Strategy

Expert Networking

Exit Preparation


Tuan Palmer

Vetting Promising Startups


John Sifonis

Business & Technology Management

John Sifonis leads the way for the global business community. His status as a legendary economic and technology expert is unquestioned. He has a nose for innovation and a finger on the pulse of what constitutes a winning formula for success.

Tony Compton

I could not thank you enough for your time and invaluable mentoring and coaching. Through your wonderful sense of humor and wits you have made this internship an extraordinary experience. I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity.

Konrad Krolls


John and I have been long time colleagues dating back to when we were both partners with Arthur Young & Company. We have undertaken many joint projects over the years including taking a startup energy company into the public marketplace.

CEO, Teamwork Dynamics, Inc.

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